Thursday, November 01, 2012

‘See-green’ – an initiative to encourage use of eco-degradable bags instead of plastic bags

As an intern to Colorss, Mr. Aditya Gupta a Doon School Alumnus took up his own initiative of working on a project that would benefit a community and lead to increase use of eco-friendly bags in his locality. Aditya has a concrete plan and he intends to take this to a larger scale - as it involves three interesting and worthy factors: 

Recycle: in form of donation of old clothes from urban households.

Empowering women: bulk production of hand-stitched cloth bags which can improve their financial stability and their self-esteem too.

Going plastic free: encouraging use of eco-friendly bags instead of plastic bags.

Women and girls working in the See-Green initiative
'See-Green' product 
Aditya at the community

Aditya did the needful data-collection, he encouraged people to donate old clothes as well as gave environment-friendly tips to the localities he covered. This simple idea of a business opportunity with easy availability of raw material motivated the women to work for an extra income. Aditya demonstrated leadership qualities when we saw how he got around and made the finished product.

Aditya selling the bags at stores in Baroda

His next challenge was to sell the bags to the vendors.  Organic friendly shops like Jatan Vasundhara stores in Vadodara regularly purchased the product. This was a rewarding achievement and we did see the joy in his eyes. More impressive than this -it was the compassion and heart with which Aditya worked for the benefit of the deprived women.

Aditya after selling the bags :) the joy
Aditya has been truly able to justify the entire process of manufacturing to sales; his dedication and focus is commendable. Aditya came to us as he wanted his project to have a larger impact. Seeing how contemporary and relevant this issue is Colorss Foundation will do it’s very best to take “See-green” to the next level.

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