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5 reasons why one should volunteer

Volunteering has proven to be an amazing combined effort of the people, in the spirit of supporting various humanitarian and environmental causes in the past, and is still continuing to do so. The beauty of volunteering is that it relies on the activism and shared convictions of groups. It’s never ‘what’s in it for me?’, it is always ‘what can we do so that things can change for us?’

Here are 5 reasons why one should volunteer:

1.     To be socially conscious
Volunteering is an incredible medium which introduces us to the reality of life. It can alter our thought process at a reflective level as we are exposed to issues which might not have crossed our minds. Problems we presumed to be unreal, vague. A fresh perspective can help us appreciate the small but valuable moments and things in life. It can help us construct emotional sensitivity at a personal stage.

2.     To introspect
The act of volunteering is beyond making mere contributions; it can help us explore our purpose, especially what we stand for and how we choose to analyze and act on it. It is not a paid service, and that is what makes it this imperative as we discover what causes and ideals we decide to advocate.

3.     To develop a work ethic and new skills
Undertaking assignments for a social cause without a monetary convention is in itself a huge but respectable responsibility. It is a factual analysis of our commitment and discipline towards a collective movement. So treat it like day job, honor the quality of being accountable and deliver an admirable effort.
Volunteering can also provide an opportunity to discover the potential abilities within us, so it could be leadership skills or being people’s person or problem solving, you might just all of sudden learn something new about yourself.

4.     Meeting new people
Interacting with people from all walks of life offers a wonderful insight about reality in general. What could be someone’s possible dreams, and are their reasons similar to yours for participating in this organization, what is their outlook towards life and what do they believe in, etc. The bottom line is that we can learn so much from sharing experiences which are authentic and not competitive for a change.

5.     Be a part of change
For most of us change means to go big or drastic, but we have to realize that we cannot change the entire scenario with one or two days of volunteering. It has to be a persistent effort, and even though your contribution might seem little, it is a part of a huge collective shot that everyone has worked hard for. So this is an opportunity to be a part of a change that is consistent in its character, and is in for the long haul. 

The experience of volunteering can enhance our potential to inspire and to be inspired. It is one thing to watch our goals transpire into success and it is whole new story to be a part of a belief that brings self fulfillment and profound understanding about concerns.

We at Colorss Foundation are trying to do our bit to provide a better life for the women and children of India. We aim to bring communities together to educate and empower the citizens, to help them realize the capabilities and, to communicate that our world is filled with enormous possibilities. It’s our sincere belief that every small step taken by the citizens for the development of community leads to progress, positive change and solidarity.

We are always anticipating fresh energy and enthusiasm from the members of our society. We have plenty of opportunities for individuals who want to be a part of our heartfelt endeavor.

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