Wednesday, May 09, 2018

In conversation with Tata Tea Jaago Re

Mission 1000 has been working to uplift the self-esteem and confidence among the girls and woman who are trained through our customized curriculum of self-defense. This is project shown good results, increasing the confidence and self-esteem of the participants. The results are encouraging and the girls have shown commendable behavior changes post workshop. i.e one of the girl who had been training with us, trained her mother and younger sister in self-defense. Few of the girls are now confident to travel along in government bus to attend school and go out for other work as well. These might sound small changes, however at large in the longer run; this is going to bring upon a great change in the psychological build up of the young girls.  

Recently in conversation with Tata Tea Jaago Re, I got the opportunity to share my views about Mission 1000 and how we can collectively build up a safer society for women and girls. Request you to go through this link. :
In conversation with Tata Tea Jaago Re, Anand Koti, a professional martial arts expert, explores the need to Pre-Act towards building a safer society for women. 
Read on to find out more:
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