Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Colors of Life' E-zine launched by Mrs Rachel Koshy CEO Pune Cantonment Board

26th Jan 2011

Launched the first edition of 'Colors of Life' Pune city.  The launch of the tabloid was done by Mrs Rachel Koshy  CEO Pune Cantonment Board. The students of Mahadji Shinde High School, Wanorie, PCB are in our project and they have worked hard on this E-zine. 

Colors of Life : The Colors of Life project combines the use of technology and art to encourage children to stay in school while learning useful vocational skills and improving their communication and  interpersonal skills through the creation of Colors of Life, the bimonthly e-magazine. A trained psychologist assesses each participant on his physical and mental abilities at the beginning of the program. Currently, the children take part in a one-hour session twice a week. At the beginning of the program, the teaching staff  takes on a facilitating role to lead the teens to write or draw based on a  given topic. The topics are chosen by a psychologist on purpose to encourage the participants to open their mind by exploring their inner-self and to get them to be in a more relaxing and comfortable mode. Their artwork will be featured in the Colors of Life E-zine, which will be a motivation for the participants as well as giving them a sense of pride and increase their self-confidence.

Issues addressed: Focus is on school dropouts, to motivate the child for further education and vocational training.

We have 30 children in this project from 5th to 9th grade. This is our first E-zine being launched today and our children in the project have made it. Thank you everyone for giving Colorss the opportunity to serve you and for having trust in us.

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