Friday, August 05, 2011

Teacher Training Workshops at Pune Cantonment Board

The Colorss Foundation recently conducted a series of teacher-training workshops in order to better understand the problems that teachers and the children they teach face in their daily lives. The workshops aimed to provide teachers with a background in how to help students and parents get the best out of their education, as well as provide support in how to handle the stress that sometimes comes with teaching. The first workshop was conducted on 4th July 2011 and the second one was on 27th July 2011 at Dr. Ambedkar Memorial School, Pune Cantonment Board.

The workshops divided participating teachers into groups of 6 or 7, where they were free to discuss some of the frustrations and problems they encountered in their teaching careers. Many brought up issues with children not completing homework and not paying attention in class. Additionally, they felt that rowdy children disturbed the class as a whole, and many students who came from a background of abuse and violence brought such behaviors with them into the classroom. Furthermore, teachers agreed that there was a general attitude of pride in misbehaving and disrespect and ingratitude towards the teacher and the teaching facilities.

The groups then discussed possible solutions to these problems. They suggested that there should be more discipline in classes, and that their students should be taught the value of a free education. The teachers also agreed that training teachers in how to control difficult children and in how to better motivate children in class would be helpful.

27th July 2011: As mentioned by the teachers we conducted workshops on how to identify a naughty child and children who fall under ADHD, ADD, Slow learners and learning disability. The workshop was divided in a group of 6 or 7 teachers. Where they were free to discuss their problems on dealing with specific issues of a child, they encountered while teaching.

As per their requirements on 27th July 2011 one more teachers training program was conducted. The aim of this program was to brief teachers regarding symptoms and causes of “naughty children’, “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Children”,” Dyslexia” and “Gifted Children”. Few techniques were shown to teachers about working strategies in class room aids. The motto was to empower teachers to separate reluctant learners and slow learners.

Many teachers were Aided from the class room strategies and planning of lessons for naughty children. Few teachers were adamant on using strategies in class due to absenteeism, irresponsive behavior in class and lack of interest in studies. 

The workshop helped them to clearly understand these psychological problems. They were also trained on how to deal with these issues. We also suggested them to change their approach and working style in the class-room. The general reception of the workshop was good – some teachers were pessimistic and reluctant to learn new teaching methods, while some were eager to welcome new ideas and accepted that they are making mistakes. This workshop helped them to open-up and clear their basics.

The general reception of the workshop was mixed – some teachers were pessimistic and reluctant to learn new teaching methods, while some were eager to welcome new ideas.

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