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Colorss 1st International Research Paper Publication

             It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. At Colorss, we believe in doing things differently as well as doing different things. It was during one casual visit to the school in Vadodara that Mr. Anand Koti realized that some of the school children seem to be suffering from pains at tender age of 12 years. That was only the beginning of some ground breaking knowledge dissemination projects that came under the umbrella of “Risachi”- the research wing of Colorss Foundation that came into being in July 2012.

The Published Research Paper - snapshot

            Dr. Pavithra Rajan, a community physiotherapist with her graduate degree in Kinesiology and community rehabilitation from Canada, was invited to conduct a workshop on ergonomics for the slum women in the Sanjay Nagar slums in Vadodara, Gujarat. There seemed to be an urgent need to develop a tool to examine the ergonomic behavior of not only the mothers residing in these slums but also the school children – both boys and girls. Risachi was officially launched in July 2012 – this led to the start of the three-pronged community research survey. The first project was to look into the musculoskeletal health problems that the community women and school children face in Vadodara, Gujarat, and suggesting cost effective solutions for the same. The second project was done approximately six months after the first and it looked at the effectiveness of the intervention workshop held in the first project. This project was accepted for presentation at the 7th International Conference of Management and Behavioral Sciences in March 2013 at Delhi, India. Out of the many conference papers, this research work was chosen to be published as a full paper in the Third Volume of the International Journal of Management and Behavioral Sciences – click here to read the paper.  The third phase of the project looked at the ergonomic problems in the slum school children in Pune, India.

            The team at Risachi consists of volunteers from diverse backgrounds- each contributing in their unique but substantial way. Dr. Pavithra Rajan heads Risachi. Mr. Anand Koti is the research co-ordinator. There are many volunteers who aid with the data collection and data entry. While one research work is published in one of the top international journals, other research work has been submitted to other renowned journals and is under review.

                The major crisis that Risachi faces right now is funds. With the wing being run solely by volunteers, it becomes difficult to design ambitious projects and ensure their smooth progression toward completion without adequate funds. While we appreciate all the volunteer help that you can provide us, what would be equally valued are your donations that could help us put our ideas into practice! Please help spread the word so that the modest work of Risachi can reach new heights! 

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