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Project Enhance and its reality | Sensi Pervez Mistry

Project Enhance empowers the participant by training participants in karate, while providing guidance for artistic expression. This program uses sports and the arts as tools to promote physical well-being while also improving mental health.

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Having a strong faith that martial arts in Particular the art and science of Karate-do (The Way of the Empty Hand) has got the immense power way. Its just not limited to the use for sport as self-defense, attack and to stay physically fit. There is a lot more than what is mentioned. It has got the power for brain stimulation and can be used for healing. 

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The real joy and a sign of success of Colorss being on the right track was to see: - Cerebral palsy girl balancing on her toes for more than 30 seconds is a big change.

We have introduced creative arts in the sessions

Integrating creative arts into the sessions allows Project Enhance to reinforce elements of the karate training, further helping children develop and retain their skills. Incorporating art cultivated:
- A sense of responsibility (as participants come to understand they have to complete tasks following instructions)
- Eye/hand coordination (coloring within defined boundaries)
- Controlled motor skill (finger/hand manipulation and pressure required for drawing)
- A sense of achievement
- Cognitive skill
- Differentiation skill (selecting colors and tools) and
- Discipline (quietly focusing on completing a task)
- Lowering of anger and mood swings

Children of all disabilities benefit from the skills emphasized in this training, such as body and muscle control, flexibility, stamina, breath control, trust building, aggression control, and togetherness.

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Now after having done substantial work with children with disability, today we have 46 able-bodied girls who are from 5th, 6th and 7th grade belonging from slums being a part of the project. Special foucs is given to these girls as they come from a challenging segment of society. Proejct Enhance will make them a new person; physically and mentally strong. Learning at this tender age would give them the inner confidence to make their way ahead in life.

                                                                           Sensi Pervez Mistry and Anand Koti

Sensi Pervez Mistry is the Chief Instructor for India for the past 46 years for International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-do Federation and is the Pioneer of Karate-do in India. He has been teaching the Martial Arts in particular the art and science of Karate-do (The way of the Empty Hand)

Project Enhance is a reality only because Sensi Pervez Mistry made me believe and asked me to have faith. I still remember it was the month of september 2003, ,'Anand keep it going just because I say! You are not able to see where you are heading but I can.'  

Sensi Pervez Mistry has also given fitness training to Anita Raj, Kitu Gidwani and Poonam Gidwani. While he given gym training to Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham, Sunil Shetty and Vinod Khanna, who also earned a black belt, learnt karate under him. 

He believes proper breathing is life and has mastered 17 types of breathing, of which 14 types were learnt from his master in Okinawa, Japan.

He has been a guide/mentor and friend to me. 

For Love,
Note: New sessions in June 2011; more students would be induced in the project.

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